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24 Hour Heavy Towing Service in Eugene, OR

Serving the Eugene, OR community since 2011, Puddle Jumper Car Towing, Heavy Duty Truck Towing & Semi Tractor Trailer Towing is the community’s go-to heavy towing company. From underwater retrieval to roadside assistance, our team has got you covered! We understand the importance of reliability, which is why we are available for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week! Our heavy duty towing company is dedicated to providing you with all of the heavy towing services you need, exactly when you need them.

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Puddle Jumper Car Towing, Heavy Duty Truck Towing & Semi Tractor Trailer Towing is the only heavy towing company within a 100 mile radius to employ with Wreck Master 8/9 R certified tow truck operators. Our entire team is up to date with the latest techniques and safety standards.

The highly trained operators and drivers of Puddle Jumper are standing by and ready to provide you with professional roadside assistance. We are the trusted heavy duty recovery company of the Oregon State Police, the Oregon Department of Transportation, Lake County Sheriff’s Department and over 10 local municipalities. You can rest assured that you will be in the best hands, every step of the way!

Call our Heavy Towing Eugene team today at (541) 746-5566. Our dispatch team is ready to assist you!

How We Handle Semi Tractor Trailer Towing and Big Rig Towing

In search of the most trusted heavy duty towing company in Eugene, OR? Puddle Jumper Car Towing, Heavy Duty Truck Towing & Semi Tractor Trailer Towing is it! We attract the best heavy towing operators as we offer the highest salaries in the area. When you work with us, you know that you are working with the best of the best.

We know that calling for heavy duty towing can sometimes be a stressful experience. But with Puddle Jumper, it doesn't have to be! Upon receiving your call, our experienced team will promptly arrive at your location to assess your situation. We will run a full safety assessment and come up with the most efficient solution for your tow or heavy duty recovery.

Have questions along the way? Not to worry– our team is here for you. We are here to answer any questions that you may have and are happy to provide you with all the information that you need regarding your tow or heavy duty recovery.

We promise full transparency regarding our fees and will let you know the cost of the tow or recovery prior to starting the job. Puddle Jumper Car Towing, Heavy Duty Truck Towing & Semi Tractor Trailer Towing values your trust and is committed to being there for you in the long term!

Have questions for our heavy towing team? Contact us today and we’ll get back to you shortly! Need immediate assistance? Call 541-746-5566 to speak with a member of our in-house dispatch team!

Oregon's Only Heavy Towing Company to Use VersaMAXX Technology

Puddle Jumper Car Towing, Heavy Duty Truck Towing & Semi Tractor Trailer Towing prioritizes using the most advanced technology and equipment in the industry. The VersaMAXX heavy towing and haul service trailer is one of the most versatile in the world. Because of its capacities, Puddle Jumper is able to provide towing and hauling for semi trucks, large motorhomes, motorcoaches, electric city buses, and other large vehicle types. This means that Puddle Jumper is your trusted choice for towing up to 100,000 lbs of capacity, coupled with two 20,000 lb capacity winches.

Where as other local tow truck companies often damage these types of vehicles because of the difficulty of the job and insufficient fleet power, we are able to pull these tasks off with ease. Puddle Jumper is proud to be the only heavy towing company in the state of Oregon to utilize the power of the VersaMAXX.

Eugene Heavy Duty Recovery Service Near Me

Trusted by the Oregon State Police and over 10 local municipalities, Puddle Jumper Car Towing, Heavy Duty Truck Towing & Semi Tractor Trailer Towing is the heavy duty towing company to call in Eugene and its surrounding areas. Our team has the expertise and equipment to tow or recover your vehicle in any situation.

  • Heavy Duty Winching Services
  • Heavy Duty Snow Recovery
  • Heavy Duty Mud Recovery
  • Underwater Retrieval
  • Burnt Vehicle Recovery
  • Off-Road Recovery and Towing
  • Sunken Semi Trailer Lifting
  • Off-Road Semi Truck Recovery
  • Bus, RV, Campervan Towing and Recovery
  • Construction Site Towing and Extractions

Call us now for heavy duty recovery services: (541) 746-5566

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Looking for a Commercial Towing Service in Eugene

Do you know why Eugene businesses and individuals trust heavy towing company, Puddle Jumper Car Towing, Heavy Duty Truck Towing & Semi Tractor Trailer Towing, as their main heavy duty towing provider? Here are the Top 3 reasons why the Eugene community trusts us:

1. Our team is the best in the business and are all WreckMaster certified. We have weekly safety meetings with our heavy towing operators to ensure that they are up to date with the latest safety standards and industry techniques.
2. Safety is our #1 priority. We run full safety assessments for every job. We are quick and efficient and understand the importance of getting you back on the road quickly and safely. Puddle Jumper Towing is fully licensed and insured.

3. We value you. Our team are fully transparent about our fair and competitive rates, and we provide only the best services to you. You can trust that our experienced team will be with you every step of the way.

To learn more about our heavy duty recovery services, give us a call today!
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RV Towing Service

The team at Puddle Jumper Car Towing, Heavy Duty Truck Towing & Semi Tractor Trailer Towing has experience with all types of heavy duty towing. From construction site towing to offroad and campervan towing, you can trust that we have the expertise, equipment and certifications to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Fitted with landolls, skidsteers, forklifts, heavy wreckers, semi tractors, RGN trailers, lowboys, and more, our impressive fleet utilizes the latest technology. We are able to handle loads up to 150,000 lbs and you can trust that maintenance of our fleet is a top priority. In addition, we have a 10,000 lb rated forklift for easy off-loading during load transfers.

Get in contact with our heavy towing company today to learn more about our towing services!

Big Rig Towing Near Me

Looking for a big rig towing near you? Call the best heavy towing company in Eugene, OR at (541) 746-5566 and speak with our experienced dispatchers. The Mission Wrecker team is committed to providing you with quick and professional big rig towing services, 24/7! Call us now to find out more!

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