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Puddle Jumper Towing recently received a call from Rogers Towing requesting assistance with recovering a disabled 50,000 lb Peterbilt rear loading garbage truck in Veneta. The garbage truck had broken down at the Eco Systems yard off Vaughn Rd after one of its rear axles failed, leaving the heavy vehicle stranded.

Puddle Jumper dispatched their specialized transport truck and Versamaxx trailer along with a 2 person crew to go recover the disabled garbage truck. Upon arrival at the Eco Systems yard, the Puddle Jumper team aligned the Versamaxx trailer in position behind the Peterbilt garbage truck. The operators then connected heavy duty winch lines from the trailer to the garbage truck. One technician controlled the winch while the other steered the garbage truck as it was slowly and carefully winched up onto the waiting trailer.

Once loaded on the trailer, the garbage truck was securely strapped down for safe transport. The Puddle Jumper team hauled the disabled Peterbilt garbage truck on the Versamaxx trailer to the A&H Truck Repair facility located just a few miles away. The entire garbage truck towing process took around 4 hours and 45 minutes to safely load, secure and transport the heavy broken down vehicle for repairs.

The Puddle Jumper team was able to utilize their specialized equipment and skills to assist Rogers Towing with getting the critical garbage truck transported for repairs as quickly as possible. The successful joint effort demonstrated good teamwork between local towing companies working together to keep the community moving.

Garbage Truck Towing Services Support Quick Recovery

Rogers Towing contacted Puddle Jumper Towing to request their specialized garbage truck towing services after a disabled Peterbilt rear loading garbage truck broke down at the Eco Systems yard in Veneta. The heavy 50,000 lb garbage truck was stranded after one of its rear axles had failed, leaving the vehicle inoperable.

Knowing Puddle Jumper had the ideal equipment for garbage truck towing and recovery, Rogers called on their expertise to transport the disabled garbage truck for repairs. Puddle Jumper promptly dispatched their 60-ton capacity Versamaxx trailer along with a 2 person team in a transport truck specially outfitted for garbage truck towing jobs.

Upon arrival, the experienced Puddle Jumper crew rigged multiple heavy duty winch lines from the Versamaxx trailer to strategic points on the disabled garbage truck. One technician controlled the winch to steadily pull the garbage truck up onto the trailer, while his partner carefully steered the truck during the loading process.

Within 5 hours, Puddle Jumper’s garbage truck towing specialists had the damaged Peterbilt garbage truck fully loaded and secured on the trailer. They safely transported it to A&H Truck Repair where mechanics could begin repairs on the broken axle.

Puddle Jumper’s specialized garbage truck towing equipment and skilled technicians were able to provide prompt, reliable recovery services. This allowed the critical garbage truck to be quickly transported for repairs and back on the road serving the community again.

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