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Springfield Heavy Equipment Moving for Asphalt Yard

Heavy Equipment Moving for Work Yard in Springfield, Oregon

Everyone can use a helping hand at times. This is particularly true when it comes to re-situating heavy equipment and machinery. Puddle Jumper Towing was able to assist a local asphalt company with professional heavy equipment moving services.

This job arose from a call from an asphalt company in Springfield, Oregon. The owner of the company scheduled a day for the heavy equipment moving team to reorganize their yard. While some jobs can be completed with forklifts and other small time equipment, this was one that required some major lifting.

On our task list for the day was moving three 2,000 gallon asphalt tanks and a 40-foot shipping container. The asphalt company was making room for future tanks and equipment in the yard. Fortunately, they called the best heavy equipment moving service in all of Springfield, Oregon – Puddle Jumper Towing.

To accomplish this feat, we brought in the 50-ton heavy duty wrecker with a three stage boom attachment. To start, the first tank was lifted using winches. A truck drove the tank into its new position. One by one, we repeated the process until each of the asphalt tanks was in the predetermined spot. 

With the tanks complete, our three-man heavy equipment moving team turned their attention to the 40-foot Conex shipping container. At 12,000 pounds, this proved to be a big lift. Fortunately, our rigging technician knew exactly what to do.  There is nothing our specialized equipment and highly-trained rigging experts cannot handle! 

Within two and half hours, the heavy machinery moving job was complete. We loaded up all of our equipment and headed back to the Puddle Jumper Towing headquarters. Another job well done in the books!

heavy equipment moving in springfield oregon

Details of Heavy Equipment Moving for Work Yard in Springfield, Oregon

Puddle Jumper heavy equipment moving team is no stranger to large and complex jobs. Our heavy equipment hauling team had an opportunity to demonstrate our prowess recently. 

A local Springfield, Oregon asphalt company placed a call to us for professional heavy equipment moving services. They had four major pieces of essential equipment for us to relocate within their work yard. We immediately accepted the job and set a day to complete the heavy equipment moving services.

Upon arrival at the asphalt company’s yard, we received our list of items to move. This included three 2,000 gallon asphalt tanks, as well as a 40-foot shipping container. In order to make way for future tanks and containers, we would need to provide heavy equipment lifting and moving services for a more conducive configuration.

Our three-man heavy equipment lifting and moving team brought in the 50-ton heavy duty wrecker with a three stage boom attachment for some muscle. The heavy equipment moving crew first winched each asphalt tank before driving them to their new position and carefully setting them in place.

While this took some time, we repeated the process with the same level of care until each tank was in the perfect position. After this, it was time to focus on the large, 40-foot Conex shipping container. 

Weighing in at 12,000 pounds, this heavy equipment moving job required the expertise of our rigging expert. He carefully attached the rigging equipment, lifted the container, and set it down in its new spot.

Overall, this heavy equipment moving job took our team two and a half hours to finish. Great work, Puddle Jumper!

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